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Wrinkle Formation

In the older times, the presence of wrinkles on one’s face is a sign of knowledge and intelligence. That is why the older population way back then is very well respected since their wrinkles are a sign that they have gone through a lot and that their knowledge is plenty. But in the present time, the case is not anymore like this. For the generation today, the presence of wrinkles signifies that one is getting old and today, no one wants to look old. Everybody wants to look young.

How is wrinkle formed?

How is wrinkle formedWrinkle is part of the natural process of the human body. You don’t get to see an 80 year old person who does not have wrinkles in any part of the body. Each person would really have to experience wrinkles and no one is really exempted and thus, there is no treatment for this. Since the presence of wrinkles is inevitable, many companies have created best wrinkle cream that would target to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. But before we discuss about this products, it is important to know how wrinkles are formed.

As what was said a while ago, wrinkles are a normal process of the human body and it is described as lines or ridges on the skin. As a person grows old, the integrity of the skin cells also diminish thus the older persons would tend to have more wrinkles on their skin because the cell to cell adhesion of the cells are no longer that strong to maintain a smooth and wrinkle-free skin. Wrinkles are also formed due to the habitual sleeping position of a person, so if you love to sleep while on your left or right side, most probably that side would wrinkle faster than the other. Wrinkles would also form when you start to lose weight but this is only temporary and if you immerse yourself for a long time in the waters just like what you get after staying in the beach for a long time.

Some types of wrinkles are only temporary but most of them are permanent.

Predisposing Factor for Wrinkle Formation

There are factor that could hasten the appearance of wrinkles which means that there are some people who get to experience wrinkles at a young age as compared to others. The most important predisposing factor for wrinkle formation is the sun. The sun’s UV rays contains a certain kind of radiation that will destroy the cells of the body most especially your skin cells. So if you are not particular with your skin’s health every time you go out of the sun, it wouldn’t be a wonder if your skin would start to wrinkle sooner than the others. Thus it is always advised that you put sunscreen, not only on your face, but to your whole body as well when you are dealing with the sunlight.

So if you want to take care of your skin and prevent wrinkles, take vitamins that would help nourish your skin and always wear sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

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