Jan 22

Factors that Cause Wrinkles

All of us are not exempted to having wrinkles. Wrinkles are defined as the fine lines on your skin particularly in areas such as the sides of the eyes, sides of your lips and on the forehead. This is a natural phenomenon of the human body and all those who are growing old will be able to experience wrinkles.

The presence of wrinkles is a sign that one is growing old. And in this present generation, no one wants to look old and that is there are many anti-aging products that are being produced and being sold in the market nowadays. These anti-wrinkle medications are quite expensive and along with it, it is quite difficult to find that perfect product that will be able to reduce the appearance of your wrinkles. So what is the best way to treat wrinkles? Well wrinkles are untreatable but their appearance at an early age can be prevented. And before you purchase your anti-wrinkle medication, it is also important that one should know the cause of formation of wrinkles so that its early appearance in the future can be prevented.


As what was said earlier, aging is the most potent cause of wrinkles and there is no cure for it. For starters, you should already put in mind that wrinkles are untreatable but their appearance at an early age can be controlled.

Facial Muscles

Facial MusclesThe more you move your facial muscles, the more your skin gets to be stretched and fold. This frequent change in facial movements will have a big impact when it comes to wrinkle formation and this is also unavoidable for all of us because we all move our faces a lot each day. The best thing to do for this situation is to massage your face at night to relax your muscles since a lot of muscle contraction would definitely make wrinkles a part of your life.


They say that going out of the sun once in a while is healthy but for the skin, it can cause wrinkles. The sun might give you Vitamin D for your body but take note that its UV rays are harmful for the skin cells and will disrupt it. With the loss of integrity of the skin cells, wrinkles would easily form.


Many might think that the effects of smoking would only matter to the diseases of the lungs and heart but many do not know that smoking could also cause your skin to wrinkle. There are certain chemicals that are found in the smoke of the tobacco cigarette stick and the chemicals found in the stick itself that is quite carcinogenic to the skin. Constant skin exposure to the smoke and inhalation of these chemicals are one of the reasons why women who smoke constantly would have an early appearance of wrinkles. It is indeed best to not smoke at all. But if you are already addicted to it, try stopping. After a few months of quitting, your body will feel healthy again and your skin would look young too.

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